Ogliastra… a wild paradise in Sardinia

Santa Maria Navarrese perla del Comune di Baunei

Ogliastra… a paradise in centre-south Sardinia

Ogliastra in Sardinia, the story is the same: People, nature, places, culture, architecture offer its guests a charming holiday

Breathing the sea air, enjoying the hot sun, caressing the white sand, touching the blue water, looking at the intense green mountains and walking listening to spontaneous melodies. Trekking routes, the shivers given by the climbing walls, the journey by the “trenino verde”, sailing along the coast, the inland adventure.

A holiday in infinite spaces

An enchanted scenery which seems as carved by the wind, and all around fringes of an immense landscape. Juniper berries, myrtle, shrubs, wild flowers: fierce scents and isle stories. Ancient ruffled mountains, and open spaces in the background.
A place, a privilege, an emotion, Ogliastra, Sardinia.

Photo Gallery of Baunei and Santa Maria Navarrese in Sardinia